Healthy Dessert

I have to admit…I am a Haagen Dazs lover. I can sit and eat a whole tub of vanilla chocolate almond. I just can’t stop at one bowl!

This obsession started with my first pregnancy and got worse with my second. It is one of the reasons I gained 84 and 75lbs while pregnant! Third pregnancy and I was able to cut back. Mainly because I hadn’t had dairy in over a year and could no longer stomach it. With two months to go (summer), I started to crave Pralines and Cream ice cream…and guess what…Hagen Dazs makes it! So I started bribing hubby to run to the store for the tubs of Pralines and Cream. I would eat the whole tub after the kids went to bed…but pay for it the next day.

Well now I’ve found a replacement! The other day, my son asked for ice cream. My kids only eat sugar free vanilla ice cream (I know, still not the healthiest) or an extra thick smoothie. This time he asked for banana ice cream. My kids are always asking for bananas but never eat them so I was a little hesitant. I don’t like bananas either but figured they’re cheap enough to experiment.

So I sliced up 6 bananas…spread them out on a cookie sheet and froze them. After a couple hours I took them out and tried blending them in my Blendtec. I had to keep adding water to not burn out the motor…this made it a little more runny then I wanted. But the consistency turned out perfect for my kids. I added 1 tsp of pure vanilla extract.

Such a simple thing but what a surprise! My kids and I devoured all of it! I made more today and poured it into little freezable containers. This simple banana ice cream is now my new addiction…and oh so healthy 🙂

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