Weekend Away

So far our weekend has been great…our diet…not so great! Tropical Green smoothies for breakfast. We met up with friends at Tim Hortons and the kids wanted Timbits. Hubby got a double double coffee and I had 4 chocolate Timbits 🙁
We took the kids to Centreville Amusement Park after having a nice picnic. Arbonne protein shake for me with cucumbers, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Hubby had some veggie sticks, cucumbers, berries and cheese. Not the most filling but easy!
Centreville was amazing! The kids loved all the rides. It’s a great park for the little ones.

After Centreville, we had a 3 hour drive up to a friends cottage. We were all starving and I was craving a poutine. This made for some terrible food choices! We ended up at Burger King…a large fries and a cheeseburger for hubby and a bacon Whopper and poutine for me. We both felt sick after!

Once we reached the cottage, dinner was waiting for us…chicken, asparagus, stuffed mushrooms (lots of cream cheese). Then we had a campfire…the rest of the weekend went completely downhill 🙁

I’m going to just skip the details…

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